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Posted 1 month ago @ 8:36AM

Tax Credit Season is Here- Support Arete Athletics!

Dear Chargers Family, 

I encourage you to use following link to check out a video outlining our "Funding 101" for Arete Prep Athletics and the Great Hearts Network. The video features two of our outstanding high school student athletes, Ryan Mourad and Addison Bell. 

Arete Prep Tax Credit_QR - YouTube

As you know, the Tax Credit Drive at Arete Prep is vital to funding your child’s athletics programs. I have two asks of you:

  1. If you haven’t already, will you please make your Public School Tax Credit to Arete Prep today? 
  2. Will you please encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to make their tax credit to our school in support of your athlete, as well? 

Click Here to contribute yours today: Contribute your tax credit here!

You have the power to put a portion of YOUR state income tax dollars directly back into your child’s athletic activities.

If you want to know more about the Public School Tax Credit, please contact me or read through the FAQ below. You can also respond directly to me or June Brockmeyer with any questions about athletic program funding.

 Thank you,
 Todd Conklin, Arete Prep Athletic Director 


Commonly Asked Questions

In this context, what is a tax credit? 

  • In Arizona, a tax credit allows Arizona taxpayers to choose where their state income tax dollars are spent. There are several tax credits; some examples are the
  • Public School Tax Credit 
  • Charitable Giving Tax Credit 
  • Private School Tax Credit
  • Every Arizona tax credit has a maximum contribution amount allowed. 

 Who can contribute?

  • All Arizona income taxpayers can participate. 
  • The only requirement is Arizona state income tax liability. 
  • Student enrollment at our academy is not a requirement to contribute a Public School Tax Credit. Extended family and friends are encouraged to contribute their Tax Credit!

 How much can I give? 

  • Maximum of $200 for individuals
  • Maximum of $400 for couples filing jointly 

 Give me an example, please.

  • For example, you may owe the state $1,000. If you make a $400 contribution to our tax credit drive, you reduce $400 from your $1,000 liability, ultimately owing the state only $600. 
  • Or, for example, you may have a liability of $1,000 because you had $2000 withheld in your paycheck withholdings. If you make a $400 contribution to our tax credit drive, you increase your liability by $400 and receive a refund of $1,400.

 For specifics on how contributing your tax credit will impact your finances, please contact a tax professional. 

 How are tax credit funds used at my academy?

  • Tax Credit funds support activities outside of the classroom. 
  • At Archway, these funds support on-campus performances, character-building activities, and field trips.
  • At Prep, these funds support our Athletic Program and clubs.

 What is the deadline to make a Tax Credit contribution?

  • April 15, 2023
  • Your contribution must take place before you file your 2022 Arizona income tax return.

 What do I need to claim the credit on my taxes?

  • You need your receipt, which includes the School Name, District Name, and CTDS number. It will be in the form of an email if you donate via credit card. 
  • Using Form 322, you will deduct your Tax Credit contribution from what your state liability.

 What if I have questions?

  • For questions specific to your tax situation, contact a tax professional. 


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